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Led Bulb Aging Line LED testing aging machine

Led Bulb Aging Line LED testing aging machine
Led Bulb Aging Line LED testing aging machine
Product Description



LED bulb and fluorescent lamp (tube light) aging line multifunction machine



12000L x 1540W x 800H mm



One set


Ring chain conveying, chain boards holder aging, frequency control of motor speed


Function and feature

This equipment is professional for LEDT8 tube light/led bulbs inspection. Through high voltage, normal voltage, low voltage, roaming and fluctuation voltage, impact functions. High temperature zones to observe whether short-circuit, capacitance burst and black points will occur. Also used for inspecting the simulation daily use of LED lamp cycling circuit and roaming seasoning area. Easy to cooperate.





adopt 1500w motor, WPS80 type 1:60 of the speed reducer, the domestic well-known brand 2 HP's island converter, frequency conversion step less speed regulation, linear speed0.3-2M/min can be adjusted.


Machine body and strand

Made of 40-40 rectangle steel pipe by welding. Upper and lower body side protection using special aluminum alloy aging line dedicated. Protective board is made of 1.2mm cold steel sheet by bending. Support legs are equipped with galvanized adjustable soles.


Conveying chain

Double-pitch single-side-ear double-hole chain manufactured by Shanghai Chain Factory, 1.5m long.


Chain plate

Made of 2mm thick 1350 x 148 x 15mm cold rolling sheet, total 140 plates. 70 pieces of plants install 4 sets of plug for LEDT8 tube light ,Other 70 plates for 16pcs of E27 bulbs . And equipped with high marks broken small circuit breaker. Road conductive bottom of the chain plate mounting system(copper), each installation of two conductive blocks, each plate were installed 2.


Daily output

The aging line once can also aging 280pcs T8 tube lamp .1120pcs LED bulbs. The aging time for one hour. One day can work 10 hours. Total daily output is 2800pcs LED tube lamp and 11200pcs of LED bulbs one day.


Stop light shield:

On both sides edges of the seven sections equipped a stop light shield plastic plates, using 4mm tawny organic glass plate and 40X40 aluminum alloy combinations and become effective damping light intensity to your eyes, better protect your eyes.


Conductive slot

Up and down with all conduction channel rail, the insulating rubber sheet, and assembly stainless steel electric tank.


Constant temperature area:

Complete thermostatic system USES electric heating type, set for a period of two pieces of 2000 w/set of electro thermal heating plate, automatic constant temperature at room temperature - 60 , digital temperature control instructions.

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